We're working on our history page at the moment. Whilst we clean up the short but busy nine years of records help yourself to Tony Goodrich's piece about what Soccer Dads meant to him. Tony was the opening president of the group, holding the position for a number of years.

They Walk Amongst Us

He could have been the delivery driver you just signed something for. He could have been the sales representative from that big company down in town. He could have just finished landscaping your garden, suggested the best pavers for your driveway, be teaching your kids at the school or he is surveying the super-way.

He could be thin, wide, tall or short. He could be 30. He could be 50. He could have three children. He could have one. He could be any of the above.

But on Friday nights he is something else. His job is something he’s left behind. He is now part of a team, part of a club. He is a member of Soccer Dads. He is there to work on his game, to lose some weight, to improve his fitness, to catch up with his mates.

On Friday nights there are a group of Adelaide Hills men who get together to play a game called futsal. Futsal is a variant on football (soccer) that is played on a smaller pitch, usually indoors. Three teams. Five players to each team. Five minute games.

The indoor basketball sized court allows players to get more touches on the ball than they would on a full sized pitch where the ball can be slowed down by distance, grass and a higher concentration of players. There’s constant pressure on the team holding possession, and subsequently players have less space to dribble or pass. All decisions are made quickly, and on the move.

The low-bounce ball doesn’t kick well over long distances and players develop pinpoint passing at close range. Smaller goals require greater accuracy on shots. Futsal is a fast paced game, forcing players to run constantly, improving their fitness.

And it’s not just for seasoned soccer players. There’s as many players new to soccer as there are seasoned players. Anyone can do it and everyone is encouraged to come along.

If you’re interested in learning more about Soccer Dads and the sport of futsal, get in contact with us.

– Tony Goodrich